About Salonique & ImagiNail

Question        How long have you been in business?

Answer          The ImagiNail nail printing system was first introduced here in the USA in 2003.  Since then, we have sold over 3500 machines throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, South & Central America, Middle East, Russia, and Africa.

Question        Where do I buy a NailJet Pro system?

Answer          For companies located in the USA and Canada, the NailJet Pro machines and supplies are purchased directly from the factory located in Florida.  To order, simply contact our Customer Service department and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with your purchase.


Question          Do you have distributors in my area?

Answer          We no longer use distributors for sales in the USA or Canada.   To purchase the NailJet Pro machines or supplies, simply call our Customer Service department and speak to one of our friendly representatives.

For international customers, we are establishing a new network of sales agents located in countries around the world.  This is a new program for us in 2014, so we may not have a sales agent established in your area.  To order a NailJet Pro system or to learn more about our Sales Agent program, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. department.


Question          Does the NailJet Pro do toenails?

Answer          No, our system only does fingernails.  We have looked into doing toenails, but found that there is not enough demand for that feature, which would not warrant the additional cost of including it with our fingernail printing devices.


Question        Will you be attending any trade shows this year?

Answer          With our recent relocation to Florida, we have decided to not schedule any trade show attendance for this year simply because it was more than we can handle.  Our plan is to resume attendance at USA trade shows in 2013 and will list which shows on our website, once we decide.