About the NailJet Pro

Question        How does the NailJet Pro work?

Answer          The NailJet Pro is a computer based system that automatically detects the size and location of each fingernail.  It then takes the images you selected, re-sizes each of them, and prints them onto the fingernail.


Question          How difficult is it to learn?

Answer          We have designed the NailJet Pro to be as automated as possible while providing the nail technician the ability to make manual adjustments as needed.  For anyone who has used a computer for things like sending e-mail, surfing the web, or socializing on Facebook, they will find our machine very easy to operate.  For those who have little or no computer experience, you will find the design of our user interface is easy to follow and intuitive to learn.

Additionally, with each NailJet Pro, we supply a very detailed, step-by-step User Guide and training video.  And, on those rare occasions when the User Guide or training video is just not enough to help you with a particular issue, our Customer Service personnel will be happy to answer any questions or to lend assistance to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Question        Does the NailJet Pro come with a computer or do I have to supply it?

Answer          All of our nail printers include an integrated computer built into the system.  This eliminates the problems associated with getting software, drivers, printers, cameras, hard drives, etc. to properly work together.  As such, the NailJet Pro is delivered as a "plug-n-play" device.  All you do is connect to a monitor (not included), keyboard, and mouse and you are ready to start printing incredible images on fingernails.


Question        Does the NailJet Pro do toenails?

Answer          No, our system only does fingernails.  We have look into doing toenails, but found that there is not enough demand for that feature, which would not warrant the additional cost of including it with our fingernail printing devices.


Question        How many fingers does it print?

Answer          The NailJet Pro does up to four fingers at a time.  If you want to print all 10 fingers/digits, you will print the four fingers of the left hand first, next you will print the two thumbs, and then you will print the four fingers of the right hand.  If you want to print fewer than all ten fingers/digits, you simply select which fingers you want to print on and then follow the same cycle sequence.  The machine will guide you through the process, prompting you as to which fingers you are to print.  Simple, quick, easy, and efficient.


Question        Do you need to be a licensed nail technician to buy or operate the NailJet Pro?

Answer          No.  Operating the NailJet Pro does not involve any of the activities that would require a state certificate.  Obviously, if you are performing  an actual manicure, then you would have to comply with your state's requirements for training, testing, and certification.  But that is not required for simply applying nail art with the NailJet Pro.


Question        What are the steps involved with the NailJet Pro process?

Answer          The complete process is as follows: apply a Base Coat to the fingernails (only for natural nails), apply the Canvas Coat, apply the IRC, print the images on the finger nail, and then apply the Top Coat to seal it.   The total time to do this is about 8 - 12 minutes.


Question        Can the NailJet Pro print on all types of nails – natural, acrylic, gel?

Answer          Yes.  The coatings have been formulated so they will adhere to natural and artificial nails including acrylic and gels.


Question          How long do the images last on the nails?

Answer          The images will last as long as regular, air dry nail polish, which can be up to 1 or 2 weeks, if the Top Coat is applied properly.

The thing to understand is that our system uses regular inkjet ink, which is a water based material.  What protects the images from being worn off or dissolved by water is the proper application of Top Coat.  If the Top Coating is not applied properly, or if during normal daily activities it is worn off, then the simplest solution is to apply additional Top Coat before the nail art is damaged.


Question        What do salons typically charge for printing with the NailJet Pro?

Answer          Based on feedback we have received from NailJet Pro owners, the average price charged for doing 1 or 2 nails is about $3 - $5 per nail.  The average charge for doing a complete set of 10 nails is $20 - $30.  Obviously, pricing may be different than this based on the location of your salon, the economic make up of your clientele, etc.  As such, the charge for applying nail art in New York City is going to be higher than what you would charge in a small, rural town.