Purchasing & Warranty Questions

Question        What is the price of the NailJet Pro?

Answer          Because we sell our NailJet Pro system internationally, the pricing varies based on exchange rates and otehr factors.  Please contact Salonique or one of our distributors for pricing for your specific needs.

Question        How do I purchase the NailJet Pro?

Answer          We require that all purchases be made in writing, so we know exactly what you want to buy and what you expect to pay for it.  You can do this by sending us a purchase order that you normally use for other vendors, or we can provide you with an Order Form that you can fill out and return.

          Do you offer financing?

Answer          We offer a Lease to Own program that is run by a company that specializes in dealing with our industry.  The monthly payments are low and the approval process is quick and easy with a simple, one-page application.

          How long does it take to get a NailJet Pro once I place my order?

Answer          It depends. We normally stock a quantity of machines and are continuously building more.  However, sometimes the demand is greater than our production plan, so at any given time we may be out of stock.  It normally takes two weeks or less to restock our inventory, so that is typically the longest you would have to wait.

Currently, we do not require a deposit with the order, so you will not have to pay for anything until we are ready to ship.  However, please note that we do not ship the machine until payment has been received and cleared our bank.


Question          What if my clients do not request nail art after I purchase the NailJet Pro, will you buy the machine back from me?

Answer          No, we do not buy back machines.  We sell our NailJet Pro  systems to businesses and professional nail technicians who are making an investment in their company.  As such, we strongly urge all buyers to do their research and market testing before making their purchase.  If your customers ultimately do not request the services of the NailJet Pro system, that is not something that we can control and, therefore, we can not be responsible for protecting your investment.


Question        Does the machine come with a warranty?

Answer          Yes, it comes with a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty that covers parts and labor.  Most tech support work can be done using our on-line remote support tools.  In the unlikely event taht your maachine does need to be returned to us for warranty work, please note that the warranty does not cover shipping costs.  See Customer Service for more information on our Warranty.


Question        Where do I buy supplies?  Do I have to buy them from Salonique?

Answer          Some supplies you buy from us and some you purchase from local vendors.  In particular, you can purchase the ink at local stores such as Staples, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.  The coatings and various supplies can be purchased directly from us.  When you purchase a NailJet Pro system, we provide you with information on what supplies to purchase in the future including the corresponding part numbers of those items.


Question        What form of payment do you accept?

Answer          We accept checks drawn on USA banks, Wire Transfer, and Western Union payments for the purchase of the NailJet Pro system.  For those who pick up their orders at our facility, we also accept Cash. 

We do accept credit card, debit card, or PayPal payments for supplies and other items totaling under $500, but not for purchases above that amount or for the purchase of the NailJet Pro system.