NJP Payback Calculator0.xls
      NailJet Pro® Payback Calculator  
      Minutes to Apply Art & Coatings     Compare 1 Compare 2  
      Nail Tech Hourly Labor Rate $   Purchase Price  
      Your Charge for 10 Nails $   Qty Applications for Payback  
      Qty Weeks for Payback  
      In the boxes below, enter the   Qty Months for Payback  
      number of clients you will see each day   ROI - Return on Investment  
      Day of Week Qty Clients  
      Sunday   Direct Matl Cost per Application $0.64  
      Monday   Direct Labor Cost per Application  
      Tuesday   Ttl Direct Cost  
      Wednesday   Contribution Margin  
      Friday   Ttl Applications per Week  
      Saturday   Ttl Revenues per Week  
      Week Total   Ttl Annual Revenue  
      Enter your numbers in the blue colored boxes   The green colored boxes show your Payback calculations  
      1 Nail Art Client = 10 Finger Nails   1 Application = 10 Finger Nails  
    Use this tool to calcualte how long it will take to payback your investment.  You can calculate the payback for two nail printers with different purchase prices so you can compare which would be best for you.

    We have inserted some numbers to help get you started.  You can change them to numbers that are correct for your operation.